“It’s ya boy [Napuc] back with another LEGIT Food Review!”


Today I ate Denny’s Homestyle Meatloaf, and it was good!

Honestly I didn’t expect too much from this from the picture shown in the menu(pictured above), but I’ve kept hearing from the people who work there that I know say it’s not half bad, and they’re right.

The meatloaf itself isn’t anything groundbreaking. It’s just their normal ground beef that’s been seasoned with their tomato sauce on top. I think they place it in the oven to cook? the consistency of it is not like their hamburgers which I was scared it would be. I’ve personally only have had meatloaf from the Boston Market Meatloaf dinners that come with a brown gravy instead of tomato sauce, so I’m not too familiar with meatloaves, but my mind goes to BrutalMoose’s Banquet Beef Showdown Video where he talks about how when meatloaf is paired with a gravy it makes it like the salisbury steak dinner from Banquet and, “I feel like every meatloaf I’ve ever had has been in more of a tomato sauce.” Then he brings up a review from online and the lady is devastated over the meatloaf switching from tomato sauce to gravy, and then he says that if they used the sauce from the spaghetti on the meatloaf it would be better.

The tomato sauce from Denny’s is good, but it’s not the end all, be all tomato sauce. I like it much better with their spaghetti and meatballs. I feel like if you put tomato sauce on a meatloaf you have to make it different than the same sauce you would put on spaghetti, and they just don’t do that; but that does not make it bad, just more.. normal?

The two sides I picked to go with the meatloaf were broccoli and the red-skinned mashed potatoes. The broccoli is just the standard steam in a bag broccoli. Nothing offensive, just could use some butter, but if I wanted it that bad I would’ve asked for some. The mashed potatoes however, are so close to being great, but they just fall flat on their face. With the latest menu change, they’ve updated some of their products and the mashed potatoes were changed. Before they were this like instant, MRE type mashed potatoes they could whip up in like a minute or two, but now these are microwavable potatoes that take six minutes in the microwave. Instantly you can tell that the new ones taste much better. The problem with them is that not all of the potatoes are mashed up! I don’t want chunks of potato in with my mashed potatoes. They’re supposed to be mashed already so I don’t have to chew them. To be fair, you can swallow it without chewing, and I’ve tried that, but it’s just not right. I’d rather have the older mashed potatoes because at least with those I don’t have to worry about potato chunks ruining the consistency of the potatoes. I’d rather eat mashed potatoes from the grocery store. Denny’s could learn a thing or two from Bob Evans.

The presentation was better than the picture provided of it. The picture makes the plate look like it has a bit of empty space on it. There was more tomato sauce on mine, and my potatoes had brown gravy. None of the food was touching wither, and the plate looked much better than in the picture. I was impressed because I know my local Denny’s is very hit or miss when it comes to presentation, which to me doesn’t matter, but to other people it might.

Overall a good meal. It was very filling. They didn’t skimp out on the amount of meat for the meatloaf. It cost $9.99 and I believe it was worth it, even if the potatoes weren’t to my exact liking. I’ll just get a different side next time probably.


“I wish this night would never end!”

[MaruChanSubs] The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl - Yoru wa Mijikashi, Aruke yo Otome (2017) 1080p (English Subs).mkv_snapshot_00.15.39_[2018.04.13_01.28.32].png

I just watched The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl, and it was perfect.

I’ve had this movie downloaded for months, but haven’t watched it until now, and I’m glad I chose to watch it when I did. I had almost the perfect amount of alcohol to go along with this movie. Somewhere around 4/5 of a bottle wine if I had to think about it. A decent amount of alcohol goes along with the first act so well it feels like you’re actually drinking with people. A bottle wine is perfect because it’s not too much so you’re not plastered through the rest of the movie, but to where you’re fully drunk, but aware of what’s going on like like our raven-haired protagonist pictured above. She doesn’t get blackout drunk, but still drinks a shit ton. At first I was wishing for as much alcohol as she was actually drinking. but now I realise that the most I would’ve drank outside of the almost bottle of wine is one or two of what I call a “Senator’s Palmer”, which is a doubleshot of Senator’s Club and enough of an Arnold Palmer to fill a 20oz Glass, but I wouldn’t drink past the first act if I were to rewatch this movie.

Alcohol aside, this movie is still perfect. It’s directed by Masaaki Yuasa, and that should be the base of any knowledge of this movie for going in to watch it. He’s directed Devilman: Crybaby, Kaiba, Ping Pong the Animation, and more importantly for this movie, The Tatami Galaxy. While being its own thing outside from The Tatami Galaxy, it shares/remakes many characters from it, and even feels like an extended episode of it. That being said, you don’t need to have seen the series to watch the movie, but it will help you appreciate the movie more, even if it’s been a while since you’ve watched it like myself.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to describing what is good about this movie. The way all the characters are connected to each other while not even being aware of it sometimes is very well done. The bare coincidences where some characters are introduced that give a mutual acquaintanceship/friendship between one another happen so seamlessly that it feels like it could happen in real life and not because of plot convenience, which I’ve seen some shows/movies do(Looking at you Girls und Panzer das FINALE). Not that that’s inherently a bad thing, it just doesn’t feel forced at all.

The more I think about what to write, the more it comes down to me trying to talk about a specific episode of The Tatami Galaxy, and that show is perfect. This movie is perfect, and I don’t know how to tackle talking about perfection without questions being thrown my way about the topic. Maybe I’ll come back and edit this at a future date, I’m still learning how to accurately portray my thoughts into in depth words, and that’s not me being drunk. The alcohol wore off around the end of the first paragraph. Just watch this movie, and if you haven’t beforehand, I recommend watching The Tatami Galaxy.

10/10 -Napuc


“I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you!”


I just watched My Neighbor Totoro, and I don’t know what to rate it. This is the first time I’ve had trouble assigning a number to it. Sure I can compare it to the stuff on my MAL, but I still don’t feel like that’s accurate enough. I can say what’s better and worse than it, but assigning a number to it doesn’t feel right. While I don’t think it’s a 10/10 I feel like this is a work that transcends(maybe that’s not the right word, but I’m sticking with it anyway) number ratings. It’s Totoro.

I really enjoyed this movie. My local theater was showing it, and some friends and I went and saw it. I haven’t seen Totoro before today, and I know why so many people love it now. There’s a reason why Totoro is the face of Studio Ghibli to some people.

This movie is beautiful. It has that perfect 80’s style to it. The way some of the shots are panned are something you can only get with older anime on animation cels and hand drawn backgrounds as opposed to modern day digital anime. The music makes fantastic use of its score. Their use of the oboe and trumpet for whimsical moments, and english horn for a sadder moment like when Satsuki was looking around for Mei was just fantastic.

This movie also does a fantastic job of portraying the children as actual children rather than voice actors doing a child’s voice. All of the characters felt lifelike in this movie.

Going into the movie I knew about all those theories about Totoro being the god of death and the kids dying and the mother being able to see them for a split second at the end because she was close to death or something like that, while I haven’t read/listened to those at all, I do see why people think that. This movie is very surreal, and my friend who has seen a lot of movies by Ghibli said this is the most surreal one after it was brought up. The only other Ghibli movie I’ve seen somewhat recently is Howl’s Moving Castle, and I don’t think it’s a s surreal purely because a lot of the stuff in that movie is explained whereas in this movie, it’s all in the children’s imagination/dreams so it doesn’t need explanation at all, they just need to see what Totoro and the cat bus are and they just roll with it without question.

What’s to be said about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It’s been out since 1988, so I’m sure it has everything said that needs to be said about it already. Totoro is a great movie. If you haven’t seen any of Studio Ghibli’s movies, this is a good one to start on.



Edit 4-9: I believe I can rate Totoro as a 9/10. I’m still not comfortable with giving it a number, but for the sake of my MAL it will be a 9/10.

“It’s like a monster of the week show, but gambling and everyone’s fuckin crazy.”


I just finished marathoning Kakegurui today. I give it a solid 6/10. Just good.

Once the trope of literally everyone being crazy in one way or another after the first episode, it starts to get old after awhile. Yumeko is obviously the most interesting of the crazies since she’s the main character.

I feel like Suzui was just there for all the non crazies to be able to relate to somebody, and to turn part crazy in the anticlimactic last episode and make the game a draw by luck. Not to say it was bad, it just fell short compared to the game against Kaede.

I wished it showed social life a bit more in the show. What was it like outside the first day of Yumeko becoming a house pet? Is it only a set group that treats the House Pets like dirt? Do they look down on all the other students also? There’s also rarely scenes of other people gambling, even if it’s only shown for a second or two, it’d be nice to see a background character show emotion after winning or losing a match in between all the big boy matches that happen in a fashion similar to Monster of the Week shows with added fetishness. I wouldn’t call the show fanservice, but somewhere close to it since there’s multiple characters getting turned on by this gambling.

I feel like it tried to imitate Revolutionary Girl Utena a bit with the Student Council, but that could just be all student council-esque hierarchies being similar. Also, I don’t remember much of the music of the show aside from the porn music ED, Bebop-esque op, and the Piano being fucking amazing.

In the art department they did a good job of having the characters express themselves in the most creepy ways possible, which is very fitting for the show. What I didn’t like was all of the CG hands. I would’ve rather had the idol segment done like Love Live with CG characters in place for the hands being animated. You think they would’ve had hand-drawn hands in the BDs but I guess not.

The manga is probably better than the show, and the show kind of feels like an advertisement for it rather than an adaptation. That being said, I have not read the manga, so I could be wrong about that, but a lot of shows that are adapted from other mediums seem like adverts for the source material.

Despite some of the negativity in this review, I liked the show, and am excited to see what how season 2 plays out.

6/10 -Napuc